On 7 March, the Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) joint event will be co-hosted by CINEA, the Smart Square project, and LIFE projects from the LIFE CET SRI Cluster.

The Smart Readiness joint event offers a great opportunity for key stakeholders to convene and discuss best practices in the context of the smart preparedness of European buildings. The event includes the SRI Platform 4th Plenary Meeting, organised by CINEA, and an SRI Day showcasing Expert Talks and Panel Discussions on SRI streamlining and detailed assessment. Throughout the day, attendees can explore an exhibition highlighting SRI projects funded by the LIFE and Horizon programmes.

Participants will include relevant stakeholders, such as building professionals, asset managers, regulators, and assessors, as well as representatives from EU countries and the European Commission.

The event is a collaborative effort organised by CINEA, the Smart Square project and LIFE projects from the LIFE CET SRI Cluster such as SRI2MARKET, EasySRI, and SRI-ENACT.

REGISTER HERE: https://bit.ly/3SAX0KC