SRI-Enact tools

SRI Assessment Tool: The SRI-ENACT assessment tool will facilitate the calculation of the SRI and enable the issuing of the SRI assessments. The tool will provide access to several stakeholders (assessors, residents, national authorities, and EU stakeholders) providing different functionalities, such as the tailoring of the SRI methodology at national level, the SRI assessment of buildings, the analysis of the SRI assessments at different scales (national, EU).

SRI Decision Support Tool: The SRI-ENACT decision support tool will enable the evaluation of SRI in different scenarios, considering the potential adoption of energy efficiency measures and technologies. It will provide quantified assessments of different scenarios by estimating the impact of proposed measures in the SRI and the associated financial costs and required investments. Thus, the proposed solution will support informed decision making for building users/owners (incl. tenants), facility managers, energy auditors and other relevant stakeholders during the construction and renovation of buildings.

SRI training package: A package for the training of SRI auditors will be delivered, including the SRI-ENACT guidebook and 3 capacity modules, available through the online trainer library. At least 3 capacity modules will be developed focusing on the:


Capacity Module 1

SRI Fundamentals

Capacity Module 2

Policy framework and national context for SRI

Capacity Module 3

SRI into practice: SRI-ENACT tools