Read the report from the LIFE CET SRI Cluster on the clustering activities

Read the report from the LIFE CET SRI Cluster on the clustering activities

The LIFE CET SRI cluster was established in November 2022 between four LIFE Clean Energy Transition projects (EasySRI, Smart Square, SRI-ENACT and SRI2MARKET) and the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) to find synergies between projects’ developments and SRI policy implementation agenda. The duration of the clustering activities is 3 years – until October 2025.

Read the report on the clustering activities that have been perform within the year 2023.

The first joint SRI Cluster webinar

The first joint SRI Cluster webinar

Since the release of the Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI), and despite efforts to adopt it, the SRI uptake is still hindered by several obstacles. On the one hand, European member states find their legal and market specificities to demand for tailored approaches; on the other hand, businesses and market stakeholders lag in the understanding the benefits of SRI and, consequently, in their adoption. 

This webinar focused on sheding light over the benefits of SRI roll out to a variety of stakeholders, while also addressing exploring paths to solve the most relevant hindrances to SRI implementation across sectors and across countries. European, national, and regional policy makers, construction and automation stakeholders, and real-estate investors are our primary target audiences. 

The session will split into two parts: 

  •  The first part focused on introducing SRI and presenting the experience of countries where roll out is ongoing. A presentation of recent advances and challenges within the building automation industry should also contribute to build a common ground for all attendees. 
  • The second part will focused on handing the helm over to the audience. After briefly presenting their projects’ research, representatives of EASY SRI, SRI2MARKET, Smart^2, and SRI-ENACT– along with previous speakers – will engageed in an interactive panel discussion fed by questions from the audience. 

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Organiser: IEECP 


8 National Co-Creation workshops were held in 8 pilot countries

8 National Co-Creation workshops were held in 8 pilot countries

During May and June 2023, the EU-funded project SRI-ENACT organized 8 national co-creation workshops in 8 countries. The goal of all workshops was to establish ‘stakeholder liaison groups’ and obtain feedback on how to tailor the SRI methodology to specific national regulations and practices. 

The workshops addressed a wide range of stakeholders in each pilot country, such as policymakers, energy experts, representatives of construction companies, representatives of Municipalities/Regions, utilities, energy consulting companies, managers of relevant EU projects, research centers, universities, etc.

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SingularLogic together with EPU-NTUA organized a workshop in Athens where different stakeholders gathered and discussed on the future of SRI in Greece.  

Stakeholders had the opportunity to interact and exchange their expertise and know-how on the Smart Readiness Indicator, aiming to create a tailor-made framework for implementing the EU SRI Methodology in Greece. 


Project partners from Latvia managed to engage about 25 participants all together representing projects stakeholders: Ministry of Economy, Energy Agency of Riga, The State Construction Control Bureau, Technical University, Association of Energoauditors, municipalities of the Riga Planning Region, and representatives of the private sector. 

As subjects for the agenda was presentation of the project and expected project results, both in general and in particular for Latvia, as well as in-depth discussion about how it is better to structure work and to involve stakeholders, and preliminary discussion about what would be the most efficient way for Latvia for SRI  uptake and implementation.


On 18th May 2023, the first meeting of SRI-ENACT Bulgarian stakeholders took place to discuss the opportunities for the introduction of Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) in the country. The 11 participants included the key stakeholders – the two Government authorities in charge of SRI, the national energy efficiency fund, auditors, BMS suppliers, and others. 

It was concluded that SRI-ENACT and Smart Square – the two SRI-focused LIFE-funded projects covering Bulgaria – have identical objectives, but complementary activities, so their combination would effectively lay the foundation for SRI in the country.  

The participants agreed that the introduction of SRI looks very promising for the commercial buildings and that the normative SRI obligation is the most appropriate enforcement option for the country. There was consensus that SRI procedures need to be integrated into the well-established national regulations and practice for audit and certification of energy performance of buildings. It was decided that the domain weightings for each type of building will be calculated based on data about previously certified buildings. Finally, participants preferred to define three representative climatic zones for the country. 


An outlook of the new version of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) greatly encourage buildings to implement digital solutions for their management. Through the Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI), each member country should adapt the methodology to national needs. The mentioned indicator will become a part of a next-gen EPC that evaluates buildings according to their ability to use smart technologies,to manage and adapt to users’ needs. 

REGEA has recognized the importance of SRI and participates as an implementer in the LIFE project SRI-ENACT through which, together with the Hrvoje Požar Energy Institute and the sister project SRI2MARKET, should advise the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Construction and State Assests on the implementation of the new version of EPBD regarding SRI.  

With this goal in mind, a co-creation workshop was organized on Monday, where 15 experts gathered and actively discussed about adaptation of SRI in Croatia. 


On the 30th of May 2023, within the framework of the LIFE SRI-ENACT project, ISPE organized the Stakeholder Liaison Group meeting on the implementation of the Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) in Romania.  

The meeting was organized in hybrid format and was attended by 9 Romanian experts comprising representatives of the Ministry of Development and Public Works, the auditors order and association, research centers and technical universities, municipalities, the cluster for promotion of nZEB, national institute for research and development in constructions.  

After a short presentation of the SRI-ENACT project and the research results on the actual national SRI landscape, the discussion was focused on tailoring the SRI methodology in the national specific context by considering the particularities of the regulations and current practices in Romania. 


Czech team arranged a workshop as a start of Czech co-creation process to gather the most valuable information on SRI and find the best option on Czech SRI implementation. 

There were 8 participants in total, including 3 representatives from the Ministry of Industry and Trade. 


Blueprint Energy Solutions (BPE) organized co-creation workshop in Vienna about implementation of the Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) for the building stock in Austria, within the framework of the LIFE SRI-ENACT European project. 

A group of experts participated as a Stakeholder Liaison Group, comprising representatives of the sister projects: SRI2Market and EasySRI; including Austrian Institute of Construction Engineering and Institute for sustainable technologies. 

The participants had focused discussion with the aim to cooperate on the all SRI projects and initiate the change of the current methodology to make it more usable for the Austrian requirements. Important topics and findings during Austrian SRI pilot phase will be presented to the key stakeholders during national meeting organized for the 11th October this year, during which BPE will organize SRI ENACT info day. 


On 21st June, Veolia organised in Madrid a Co-creation Workshop as representatives of the SRI-ENACT project in Spain, with the collaboration of the partners of two other projects under the LIFE-CET call, CENER for “SRI2MARKET” and SGS for “EasySRI.

Participants had the opportunity to interact and exchange their experience and know-how about the Smart Readiness Indicator, with the aim to create a cluster with all stakeholders and discuss how to create a tailor-made framework to implement the EU SRI Methodology in Spain”



SRI-ENACT participates in the final event of SmartBuilt4EU project that takes places on 23rd of March in Brussels